Distance Doula Support

Having a doula by your side in pregnancy, labour, and childbirth is a fantastic way to make sure you’re supported through this exciting/terrifying/joy-filled/exhausting/magical adventure. But what if you live in a smaller centre that doesn’t have doulas? Or what if the hospital hasn’t been allowing doulas in to support births?

When you can’t have a doula by your side, you can still have the benefit of doula support!

With the Distance Doula package you get the same kind of support that a regular doula provides, but it’s all done virtually. Earbuds and a good wifi or phone connection will bring Amy with you, no matter where you are.  Her encouragement, help with asking questions, and ideas for coping with labour will help you and your partner feel supported in this life-changing experience. 

  • All meetings take place on a virtual meeting platform that works for you. 
  • You can still text, call, or email with questions, updates, or just to talk something over. 
  • Amy is still on-call for your birth and will be available when you need her.  

Doula in a Box

A doula doesn’t need many supplies to support a birth, but there are a few tools that can sometimes come in handy. When you sign up for the Distance Doula package you will receive a few special things that you may find helpful, and that you can use before and after baby’s arrival.

Want to explore if this might work for you? Contact Amy for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Distance Doula Package

$450 includes all above services, offered virtually, anywhere in Canada

Payment plans available

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