About Me

And now we have two more!  Hooray!
Amy Epp, CD(DONA)

A mother of four children, I have been interested in pregnancy and childbirth for a long time.  Through my own four births I have personally experienced a wide variety of options: epidurals and med-free birth, doctors and midwives, hospital birth and home birth, postpartum care and a NICU stopover.  Each birth story is wonderful in it’s own way.

There are things that have stuck with me from each birth: a nurse who helped me pull it together when things got tough;  a doctor commenting on my birth preferences in a way that made me feel like an Amazon woman; the familiar face of the midwife when we walked up to the labour and delivery desk, the comfort in knowing I was listened to at a prenatal appointment.  Things like this started me on my birth doula journey.  There were things that I looked back at with regret, and others that I remember with pride.

From being supported, I realized that I wanted to support other women to have birth stories they can share with joy.  The more I read and researched, the more I saw how amazing doula support is, and how needed it is.  I’m excited to be a part of women’s pregnancies and births not because it’s a life-changing journey (which it is!), but because it actually helps women feel empowered and supported in their births, and satisfied with how things went looking back.

I am certified as a birth doula through DONA International.  Through my training as well as my membership in the Calgary Doula Association I have access to mentorship and the knowledge and resources of other doulas. I am always reading something birth-related, always learning more, and always looking ahead to continuing education that would help me in supporting my clients.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little. Please contact me with any questions, or to schedule a meeting to see how I can best support you in your birth journey.