About Me

And now we have two more!  Hooray!
Amy Epp, CD(DONA)

A mother of four children, I have been interested in pregnancy and childbirth for a long time.  Through my own four births I have personally experienced a wide variety of options: epidurals and med-free birth, doctors and midwives, hospital birth and home birth, postpartum care and a NICU stopover.  Each birth story is wonderful in it’s own way.

There are things that have stuck with me from each birth: a nurse who helped me pull it together when things got tough;  a doctor commenting on my birth preferences in a way that made me feel like an Amazon woman; the familiar face of the midwife when we walked up to the labour and delivery desk, the comfort in knowing I was listened to at a prenatal appointment.  Things like this started me on my birth doula journey.  There were things that I looked back at with regret, and others that I remember with pride.

From being supported, I realized that I wanted to support other women to have birth stories they can share with joy.  The more I read and researched, the more I saw how amazing doula support is, and how needed it is.  I’m excited to be a part of women’s pregnancies and births not because it’s a life-changing journey (which it is!), but because it actually helps women feel empowered and supported in their births, and satisfied with how things went looking back.

Professionally, I always have the next birth-related book cued up while I look ahead to the next workshop to add to my skills and knowledge.  Personally, you might find me driving the family minivan to activities, climbing/swimming/sledding with the kids, reading Jane Austen/Dr Seuss (depending on if I have an audience), or just having a lazy day at home.

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We could not imagine our birth journey without Amy. Her skillful and empathetic support and encouragement was EVERYTHING. Right from the beginning, we knew she was the right fit for us.  Before going into active labour, Amy facilitated a beautiful and meaningful distraction activity – making a cast of my pregnant belly, leaving us with such a special keepsake. During active labour at the hospital, just wow. Amy was outstanding. She helped us to ask questions and advocate for ourselves. Amy helped us to harness an incredible trust in the birthing process, reminding us of our and our baby’s important roles in the process.  – M.

I had such an amazing birth experience thanks to Amy. She was super knowledgeable and supportive. When I was in the delivery room, there were a lot of things going on and I was able to block everything out and focus on Amy’s voice. She kept me calm and relaxed. She was also great at giving my husband ideas on how to help me during my contractions as I couldn’t speak. She was my voice, my support and the best birthing partner I could ask for. – C.

Right from the moment we met her my husband and I knew we had met someone special! Her calm and friendly personality drew us right away. And when the time for birth came, she was a calming, guiding and supportive force for me as well as my husband. I am truly grateful for her and her knowledge, and support over the most intense days of my life. In the future if we decide to expand our family, Amy is the first person I will be calling! – K.